As my fiancee Danielle and I made our rounds around Lubbock this weekend, we saw an interesting argument unfolding: a mother was arguing with a grandmother about taking her daughter to get her ears pierced.

We didn't stop to listen to the entire discussion, but it got us talking because this baby was probably under a year old and was in a baby carrier.

I have five sisters that are all younger than me and I can remember coming to Texas and my Memaw taking my sisters to get their ears pierced all at the age of two. It was just something that happened and I never thought anything about it.

I have twin boys, so I can't really weigh in on this matter. But I can say this: if my boys were girls or I have a daughter in the future, I am sure that there will be a trip to Memaw's when she turns two to get her ears pierced. But even at two, is that too young?

I don't know who won the battle of the ear piercing between the grandma and mom. What do you think? Is one year too young for a baby to their ears pierced, or perfectly fine?

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