Confession: I'm obsessed with the weird, the wonderful, the absurd and bizarre.

The perfect marriage of all of those things is coming to the Cactus Theater (1812 Buddy Holly) and quite frankly, I'm impressed with them for taking a chance on something really fun- and really art.

Shrek Retold is the original script of Shrek- but re-animated (or filmed) and voiced scene by scene by over 200 contributors. Here's the trailer:

On top of that, this showing is hosted by David Liebe Hart, one of my favorite regulars of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, which airs on Adult Swim. Here's a taste of his bizzare-o humor with Academy Award Winning actor John C. Reilly:

The show is free; however, please make the recommended minimum donation so we can have more fun things. You can reserve seats over at The Cactus Theaters official site. 


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