The world's greatest podcast about cars and rock stars, Skidmarks Show, just had an amazing week in Las Vegas at SEMA 2015. The celebrities were huge! And we interviewed them all! Well, some of them anyway.

One of the coolest interviews we've ever done kicks off our first of 3 shows from Vegas with Mr. October Reggie Jackson! We also grabbed a good buddy Aaron Hagar, aka Sammy Hagar's son, and he is on this episode too. But those are just 2 of the celebs we snagged. Listen to this episode, just released, download it, review it on iTunes and share it with your friends!

Oh yeah baby it's finally here and it's bad ass! Reggie Jackson “Mr. October” Joins us on the SHELL Pioneering...

Posted by Skidmarks Show on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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