Y'all, Slaton's inaugural Banana Pudding Festival did more than meet my very hyped-up expectations- they surpassed them. The town of Slaton and Slaton Bakery did an impressive job organizing and executing a charming and fun event that was well worth the short drive from Lubbock and the nominal fee for my "Puddin Pass." It was fun, charming, and above all, absolutely delicious.

My friends and I did not reach a consensus on our favorite pudding, which is a testament to how worthy each flavor was. My favorite was the "5 Star Pudding" with layers of banana bread- yum!

In addition to delicious and generous portions of pudding, the fest had live music and plenty of vendors including food trucks and the opportunity to try local wines and beers. There was a bounce house for the kiddos and plenty of places to plop down in the shade. Local businesses were open with lines out the door- particularly the historic Slaton Bakery itself.

unsplash with edits
unsplash with edits

Beyond getting the basics right, I was also impressed with how they got even little details correct- I never had a problem finding a trash can, and I was given a holder to accommodate my four puddings instead of having to juggle them. All the pudding was kept in industrial refrigerators to maximize food safety. My "Puddin Pass" lanyard is a keepsake that I am totally keeping.

If the Slaton Banana Pudding Festival delivers just as much as they did this year-2024 will absolutely be worth attending again. But I LIVE FOR events so I have a couple ideas- and Slaton, you have my permission to use them.

1. A banana pudding eating contest.

2. Miss and Mr. Banana Pudding. How cute would that be?

3 .Banana Fashion Contest. So I can rock my best banana looks. Yes, I am making banana earrings for next year.

4. Banana Races. How fast can you reach the finish without dropping the banana between your knees?

5. Recipe Contest With "Celebrity" Judges. Maybe you can invite a radio DJ to help out with this one? Please?

Whatever is in store for next year- I'll be there.

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