I'm about to get all nostalgic on you.

On our morning show, we asked the question, "What was something that was normal when you were a kid, but is not so normal now?"  I'm going to take that up a little bit, to teens in the late seventies through the eighties. I hope this will bring back some nice memories for you.

When we were young we visited The Brittany and Orange Julius at the South Plains Mall. We were still pretty young when we popped by Chelsea Street Pub for a cocktail (and even later, David Trout Karaoke). When we were young we also hit up all the record stores, the video arcade, and The Candy Wrapper before calling it a big day at the Mall.

When we were young we visited the shops across from Texas Tech, including The Buffalo Beano Company, Gandalf's Staff, and the original Ralph's Records. When we were young we also went to the original Copper Caboose Restaurant across from Tech before we ran across the highway to check out shows in the very sweaty Lubbock Coliseum.

Speaking of shows, when we were young, we went to The Rox, Fat Dawgz, Abbey Road, The Depot Warehouse, and South Beach (it had many names). We ate sandwiches from Einsteins there too. When we were young we went to jam night at the Main Street Saloon and stretched our bladders on "drink until someone pees night". When we were young we danced and went crazy at New West and Rox-Z.

When we were young we had to go out to a place called "The Strip" to buy booze. We also had to deal with blue laws and restricted shopping on Sundays. When we were young we had Lipp's Records and then Hastings. When we were VERY young, we went to U.V. Blake for records.

These are just some of the things we did, "When we were young" in Lubbock.

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