Texas Tech Football had a rough go of it in Wyoming this weekend.

I could have told you that the Cowboys were tough as heck and not someone to look past. I was on the radio in Caspar, Wyoming, and, believe it or not, the fans up there love football every bit as much as anyone in Lubbock, Texas.

Mike Tyson said, "Everybody has a plan until they get hit in the mouth" and the Red Raiders most definitely got hit in the mouth. Sticking with the boxing theme, it's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get up. Well, the Cowboys walloped Texas Tech right in the kisser and when Tech found out that the other team refused to roll over, they just fell apart.

Herein lies the problem, there are many like me that think it's impossible to draw or keep top-notch talent in Lubbock, but we're going to call that a non-factor here. We all know that a solid, cohesive team will beat a team chock full of superstars doing their own thing. That is why Raider fans are SHOOK. Everyone was convinced that regardless of talent level we'd have a highly disciplined team that could put up a fight with anybody. That clearly didn't happen.

Social Media is on fire with everyone from sportscasters to average Joe's upset with the first look at the Raiders. I've read comments on around twenty posts and I'd say comments are running about 95% very end-of-the-world negative. It is absolutely insane to me that the people who were shouting "Raider Power" at every event have already given up.

There are eleven games left. We should be glad that Tech learned early on that they can't walk into someone else's stadium and just walk all over them. Hopefully, Red Raider fans will learn not to quit on the team either.

*And if you think Red Raider fans are bad, check out this post from a Florida fan:

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