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Some people experience one of the most horrible tragedies suffered by modern humans, house fire.

During our weekend RockShow RoadCrew meeting we asked the crew, "If your house is on fire and family evacuated safely what is the priority item you attempt to save from going up in flames?"

The answers are quite surprising in some cases. Personally, family photos which are on film or photo paper are most important so those would be the first that I would attempt to grab.

Other RoadCrew members suggested that some form of memorabilia or another would be the first to be grabbed in the event of a tragedy such as our example occurring.

On Tuesday, July 21st, we aired the RoadCrew audio and asked members of The RockShow audience for their contribution too.

Listen to answers from The RockShow RoadCrew and let us know what you would grab if you found yourself in this scary situation.

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