Social.22 Art Studio and Gallery is hoping to be a creative home for veterans.

Providing veterans, especially those with PTSD, an outlet for their creativity is an idea we can completely get behind. Sometimes just expressing yourself can take a little weight off your shoulders so we see this as a real benefit to our servicemen and women. I'll let the proprietors tell you the rest:

My name is Charles Alexander and I am a disabled veteran that lives every day with PTSD. My wife Michelle Alexander and I are starting our Art Studio and Gallery to help Veterans with PTSD. We will have our Studio and Gallery open to Veterans and any other local artist that would like to join the support.

The purpose of our mission is to provide a social venue for these veterans and artist to not only meet and greet but also express them self’s through their art. We want to work locally to address this issue and if we can help veterans look forward to another day that will be a success. There are more than 22 veterans a day that are lost to suicide. We would all love to see this number of suicides down to zero. While veterans have a suicide rate 50% higher than those who did not serve in the military, the rate of suicide was, as the LA Times reported, “…slightly higher among veterans who never deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, suggesting that the causes extend beyond the trauma of war.”There is more awareness than ever about this issue. These are brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers of our great nation.

We will use 22 percent of all sales to go towards keeping these doors open and supplies as needed for the artist. Our team will also appreciate any art donations or supplies for personal or vendors that would love to support the cause. We are just starting to build our base following on Facebook and soon will have a twitter account. The art provided at the Gallery is from local veterans and artist also we buy and sell art to help provide funds to support the cause.
The Alexander family is founding Social.22 Art Studio and Gallery. Because of their personal battles with PTSD, we have made it their mission to raise awareness, enlist support, and end veteran suicide in Lubbock, Texas and any where else we can reach.
To contact us please call 1(806) 368-9448,

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