Metallica played their very first show on March 14 in 1982. Since then, they've released 10 studio albums (12 if you count Garage Inc. and Lulu), and played in all seven continents. That's a lot of material and a lot of concerts.

We recently tallied up 33 songs that Slipknot have never played live, and were curious about Metallica, given they have over a decade of releases on the 'Knot. So we headed over to and plugged in all of their songs to see which didn't show up on the list.

Not surprisingly, Metallica have played a lot of their songs. Like, a lot. They actually have fewer songs that have never been played live than Slipknot, but that just proves that they really experimented with their setlists throughout the years.

For the sake of this list, we didn't count Garage Inc. or Lulu because we wanted it to consist solely of Metallica's own songs.. no offense to Lou Reed. Instrumentals weren't counted either, though they have played a lot of their instrumental tracks live before.

See the 17 songs Metallica have never played live according to below.

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