I've noticed lately that something is missing from my favorite beer, Lone Star. The awesome puzzle under the bottle cap. It's gone.

Yes, it's true. I went to have a beer at Jake's Sports Cafe last week and was informed that everyone's favorite cheap Texas beer was missing the best part, the puzzle. WTF? WHERE IS MY PUZZLE?

For years, I've ordered Lone Star for those puzzles. In fact, I have on more than one occasion begged a bartender for my cap that was mindlessly tossed in the trash by accident. Am I the only person that still loves them?

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Yes, I will drink Lone Star in a can, too, don't get me wrong, but the puzzles were fun to trade back and forth between friends, and were especially funny and challenging to solve after a couple of drinks. I've even taken a few bottles to my friends up north in Minnesota. They never heard of Lone Star Beer and absolutely loved the puzzle cap.

I reached out to Great Plains Distributor for more information, but they didn't offer much. I asked if it was part of some kind of promo or marketing technique, but the woman on the phone didn't seem completely sure. She took a second to ask around and came back with a very shy and confused sounding, "Yes?"

I'm on to you now, Lone Star!

So, is my favorite party beer just trying to drum up some interest? It's definitely working on me, Lone Star. I need those dang puzzles! I hope people start buzzing about it so that they will bring them back soon.

For now, I'll just sob quietly.

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