When the weather gets cold, it's natural to seek coziness wherever you can find it- be it under blankets, in front of a fire, or deep into a delicious bowl of soup. But what if you can't commit to one flavor? There's a perfect and fun solution to that: a soup flight.

A soup flight is like any other flight- be it a traditional wine or beer flight, or something a little more cutting edge like coffee drinks, margarita flights, or my favorite I've ever had- tequila flights (watch out for that last one, it can be a doozy). Soup is a liquid- so presenting it like a flight makes perfect sense! But where can we find such a thing in Lubbock?


Right now, there is no place in Lubbock that I'm aware of that has a soup flight as a menu item (and I'm a bit of a Lubbock food expert, and I don't mind saying so).

However, you can have an amazing soup flight easily thanks to Lubbock's Souper Salad (6703 Slide Rd). Souper Salad offers several delicious soups every day, so all you need to do is artfully arrange a few cups on your table and pair them with tasteful sides. Cornbread, rolls, crackers, crudites, and more are all available on the buffet. Let's call this a soup flight with just a little assembly required.

I need to take this time to give Souper Salad a little love- if you are a "buffet hesitant" person, Souper Salad very well may change that for you. Some lesser-kept buffets give me the ick, too, but I have no problem happily scooting my tray along Souper Salad's pristine buffet line. They take a lot of pride in cleanliness and it shows.

Winter is here and will be here for a while- keep cozy however you can!

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