A long time ago, like around 2000, South Plains College offered some basic academic classes in downtown Lubbock- the building was ancient, musty and actually, really awesome. That campus closed- leaving Levelland and Reese Center as the only community college options for Lubbockites seeking an academic degree.

Luckily, that is going to change soon and it seems to me like they are going to do it right. SPC is buying the current Lubbock City Hall building and will renovate it before opening it up for classes. I've been in that building several times and I think its uniquely suited to the task.

City employees will make the move to Citizens tower, leaving the current city hall vacant:

City employees are still expecting to move into Citizens Tower by the end of 2019, leaving current City Hall at 13th Street near Avenue Q vacant. SPC hopes to be offering classes at the new site by Fall 2021, but that will depend on when they officially take ownership of the building.

For those in Lubbock seeking education in a trade- SPC Lubbock Center on Ave. Q is already open with programs ranging from business to welding to culinary arts.

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