Well, this is a new low for humanity in Lubbock.

At some point during the night on Saturday, June 1st, someone(s) used a crowbar to break open a donation box for the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (3308 95th St) here in Lubbock.

Here's a photo of the damage the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (SPWRC) posted on their Facebook Page.

South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center on Facebook
South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center on Facebook

Vandals struck the Wildlife Center drop off building last night. We don’t know how much money was put in the drop off box after hours. They used a crow bar to pop the top off the box and put a hole in the wall.

It's entirely possible there was no money in the donation box, and that the vandals destroyed property senselessly, and it is also possible there were donations that were stolen that could have otherwise gone toward the rehabilitation of area wildlife.

SPWRC has an overnight drop-off for injured wild, native animals, and the donation box is there so the folks dropping off the animals can help towards the animal's care. SPWRC aids in the rehabilitation of many types of animals, from birds of prey to horned lizards, opossums, etc.

Although SPWRC is licensed through the Texas Parks & Wildlife, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and USDA, they receive no funding through any government agency and rely on donations to assist these animals. 

While it is upsetting and very disappointing that this happened, perhaps we as a community can use this opportunity to be heroes for native wildlife by donating to SPWRC safely and securely through their website, which accepts PayPal.

Feeling called to help in a hands-on way? SPWRC is also in need of dedicated volunteers. You can find out more information on their website.

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