Since the height of the pandemic many stores across the country have had to close a few select shops here and there just due to inflation and other factors. One very popular store chain with just one location in Lubbock might be one of those stores on the chopping block.

The popular store you ask? Well, it's none other than Sprouts Farmers Market which has only been around since 2002 and already has a foothold in 23 states. Sprouts is actually closing 11 stores around the United States with one of those stores closed in the first quarter and 10 more in the second quarter. There is currently no word as to those 10 stores locations or closing dates but all employees will receive some sort of severance for their service.

There is an upside to these closures and that is there will actually open 30 new stores by the end of the year and those stores are expected to be smaller versions. Some of those stores closing are also just too big and in the wrong locations where they are spending more stocking the shelves than they are selling.

We did speak with a representative for Sprouts in Lubbock who did give us the exclusive details as to the beloved stores fate here in the Hub City. Which is that the Lubbock store is not closing their doors or expecting to downsize any time soon locally. So stop holding your breath and rejoice Sprouts lovers everywhere.

With the way Lubbock is growing do we need to maybe looking to having a smaller Sprouts in another part of town or is just the one on 82nd Street and Quaker Avenue enough in Lubbock. Let us know what you think and what your favorite thing to purchase from Sprouts is.

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