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They'll clean it, right?

They can fix it...surely.

Well, if they don't want it, they can throw it away.

No. No. NO.

Here's the truth: when you dump donate items to a Lubbock thrift store that they cannot possibly sell, you are costing a charitable organization money to dispose of your items for you. It may have seemed like a good or at least neutral deed, but really it's quite unethical.

Thrift stores are not trash cans.  

However- there are items I didn't know couldn't be resold either. So here is a list of items local area thrift stores don't want, from the obvious to the "oh, really?"

Additionally, I've added the proper alternative for disposing of or donating your item legally, safely, and with a minimal amount of things ending up in our landfill.

DON'T-Nation: The Items Lubbock Area Thrift Stores Don't Want From You

From the super obvious to the "oh..really?" here is a list of items Lubbock area thrift stores don't want from you, each with an alternative disposal method.

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