It's okay to be disappointed when things don't work out the way you want them to, but that doesn't mean your hateful comments are warranted.

There is one comment about Texas Tech's Coach that drives me nuts

"Coach Bro's more interested in being friends with the players than coaching them"-Idiots who have nothing original to say so they repeat crap they've heard.

I have seen a hundred different versions of this quote over the last few years and I have a simple question, "how do you know?"  How is it you were given this gift of mental telepathy and you can know what is going on in the coaches head?  Why aren't you using your amazing insight and mental abilities to fight crime or solve the mysteries of the pyramids? Why are you wasting that amazing noggin of yours on critiquing football coaches?

Here's a quote I read over the weekend that actually made sense (and doesn't require psychic abilities)

"You can trade out Coaches all you want but you can't recruit the best players to Lubbock because Lubbock sucks"-Smart guy who is a little harsh on Lubbock, but is probably right.

So why did Mike Leach do well? First off, he caught everybody by surprise. Next, he used that newfound celebrity to recruit better players.  But, that's just a sideroad to that second quote.

Lubbock doesn't suck. It sucks for young people. It's a great town, but it's not a great town to be a young adult in. It does not have the flash, the excitement or even a plethora of nudie bars that bigger cities have (yeah, I know when I was 21 that mattered A LOT).

You football psychics need to look into the future and realize that you're going to keep hanging coaches until no coaches want to come here.

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