This issue is a little beyond my comfort zone, but it's crazy that it hasn't been dealt with before.

Josh Jung Texas Tech Baseball Cal
Ashley Wirz /

It was just a footnote in a larger story, but the idea that stronger laws should be available to prosecute "fans" who throw things at sports figures (and entertainers would make sense too).

Fans have been known to throw batteries, bottles they snuck in and just about any other item you can think of at baseball and football players. When a fan does this, is should be prosecuted as an assault. Not only could the players be hurt, it could damage the player's ability to compete in their profession. This could be two levels if a player gets hit with a battery that's as bad as getting hit with a rock and it could seriously injure a player. Also, a player's paycheck is tied to his performance and if he's spending his time dodging batteries he's not focused and may make errors that would drive their value down.

The members of Aerosmith have actually been injured twice in the same town. The first time was an M-80 and the second was a bottle. People shouldn't have to put up with this crap when they are doing their job.

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