Lubbock's School of Rock is putting on a free performance with two other School of Rock programs, all the way from Minnesota, this Thursday night at Jake's Backroom. School of Rock is a worldwide organization with over 325 schools and 62,000 students. They provide music lessons and encourage students to achieve their dreams of becoming pros in the music world through live performance and a performance-based education system.

School of Rock
School of Rock

Lubbock's School of Rock House Band, alongside house bands from Eden Prairie and St. Paul, will be showing off their most highly skilled students at the concert this week, and it would be awesome for the community to get out there and support their hard work.

It's truly amazing how many talented musicians and artists come from Lubbock, Texas. Let's root them on to the top! You guys make us so proud.

And, be sure to give a warm welcome to the house bands from Minnesota! It's going to be cool to see them all jam out on stage at everyone's favorite local venue. I've been watching shows at Jake's Backroom since I was a teenager. I could only have dreamed of performing on that stage when I was young. I've seen some of the greatest concerts of my life there. It's an iconic spot for local musicians, and I hope they get a kick out of playing at it. Super rad.

I'm jealous that the School of Rock wasn't around when I was a kid. I got stuck learning piano from old church ladies. It was NOWHERE near as cool as learning from the folks who teach you to rock out.

I'll see you guys on Thursday night!

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