Probably the geekiest thing about me is I am a 100% sucker for the t.v. show Survivor.  I even remember when I read the first announcement about CBS dumping people off on an island.  Since that time I have not missed an episode of Survivor.  Read more and check out "my boy" after the jump.

When Survivor is on, I don't answer the phone and I don't allow any other interruptions.    I usually even watch the first episode of each season twice so I get to know the characters quicker.   Add to all this, I'm a sucker for Russell Hantz.  I've been watching this Houstonian tear through people and can't believe he hasn't won the big prize.  He's won fan favorite twice, but the sore losers on the jury never want to admit they we're outplayed by the Texas pitbull.   He and Boston Rob will obviously be team captains in the new season.  Anyways, check my boy out below and get ready to geek out on the new season with me on February 16th.

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