My house goes on lock down when Survivor is on.  Sorry, I'm a big time geek for the show.  I love discussing the strategy and the backstabbing that goes on. I only like the "Redemption" theme that will be continued this season.  Read more after the break.

Redemption Island will be back as part of this season Survivor.  I don't necessarily care about that so much as the chance for a couple of players from the past coming back. It's always more fun to start the season as a fan of somebody rather than having to get to know all the players then pick a favorite. This year "Ozzy" and "Coach (aka "The Dragon Slayer") are back.  Ozzy is a killer player and Coach is somewhat of a nutty new age guy that seems to improve as he becomes more media savvy.  The two will lead two teams, who if they are smart, will keep them around for a little bit. A good lesson learned from last season is that if you dump your leader early you're going to get killed in competitions, and if you don't dump them at all, they'll win all the money.

Here's a short little piece on behind the scenes of this season:


The season premiere of Survivor will be followed by the season finale of Big Brother.  I'm hoping that either Rachael wins, or that both Rachael and Porches boobs fall out.

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