It’s Election Day, Take It Easy Out There
I don't care whether you are on the Trump Train or Ridin' With Biden. You have to remember that both sides want to make this a "life-or-death" election because they want to spur you to vote. Is it "life or death"? I'll leave that for you to decide, …
Today’s Election Offers Little Choice
I'm kind of finding it hard to get off my rear and vote today. Seems to me that we're just picking from different shades of red. Actually, I think I'm overstating that. I think it's just all red with pretty much no difference.
Time To Put Politics To Bed
This post originally appeared on my Facebook page, but I think it's neutral enough for everyone to enjoy it.  Thank Cthulu that is over tomorrow and we can get on with whoever's plan we decide to go with.  More after the jump.
Your Vote Does Not Count
KCBD is reporting that some viewers claim their straight party ticket vote is being changed from Republican to Democrat (I heard the exact opposite rumor yesterday).  A lot of these rumors actually started when a talk show host claimed that Tag Romney, son of Governor Mitt Romney owned a "bunch…
Samuel L. Jackson In Controversial New Presidential Campaign Ad
Samuel Jackson 'tells it like it is' in this new political ad (or like this particular group wants you to think 'it is). The ad is a parody of a children's book reading he did called 'Go The F@#k To Sleep". Make no mistake this is a pro President Obama and anti-Romney ad. It's unlikely it going…
Sarah Silverman Talks Dirty In “Let My People Vote”
I have a 'thing' for Sarah Silverman. I just love this naughty wench. I love her babydoll voice talking dirty. I love how she is amazingly hot and I'm the only one that seems to notice. I want to do bad, bad things to her. In this video, Sarah is actually delivering an amazingly expletive filled ran…

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