The race for District 19 Congressman must be a scrotum, because there's two nuts in it. (Thank you, I'll be here all week.)

Jodey Arrington and Glen Robertson debate

I wish the candidates could step outside their campaigns for just one minute and see how people are perceiving them. I think I have a pretty good way of doing this. How about we pretend each campaign is a TV show and we're reading the listing? Here we go.

"Mr. Robertson Goes To Washington." A mean-spirited old man is willing to do or say anything in order to get elected.

"Mr. Arrington Goes To Washington." A privileged, but clueless politician tries to use his friends to get elected, not realizing that they may be even dumber and more clueless.  

Now, I'm sure these are both nice gentlemen with our best interests at heart. I'm talking about how they're portraying themselves in campaign ads. Let's break it down.

Mr. Robertson is throwing a lot of mud, but it's of the most watered-down type. It's just not sticking. Guess what? There just aren't enough illegals paying in-state tuition for anyone to care. His other claims as to what he is going to do are so far-fetched and unrealistic that I'm just not buying it.  A first-year congressman from Lubbock is not going to "tighten up the border" or "defeat ISIS." He'll be lucky if he gets on the sub-sub-sub committee studying cow farts or something.

Mr. Arrington wants to point out he worked for Bush and has Rick Perry speaking for him. Dude, Carrot Top would have been a more credible reference.

Arrington is also pandering to the rubes by saying he's going to rule according to the bible and the constitution, both of which give you plenty of reason to not pay attention to the other (which I guess means he'll just be spinning in a circle doing nothing).

Once again, we're talking perception here -- how the voters are seeing you or how you want them to see you. I've had many talks with our ex-mayor. He's a great guy. I'm sure Mr. Arrington is nice, too. They're just getting ugly for TV and it sucks.

I am a huge fan of the TV show "Survivor." When those folks act up, they like to say 'this is just a game; this isn't who I am in real life.' That's BS, because once you do those bad things, it IS who you are.

So Mr. Arrington and Mr. Robertson, are you really willing to turn into these obnoxious campaign ad versions of yourself? You are painting yourselves into a picture and that picture is forever.

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