I'm kind of finding it hard to get off my rear and vote today. Seems to me that we're just picking from different shades of red. Actually, I think I'm overstating that. I think it's just all red with pretty much no difference.

Political Pusher

Every street sign I've seen says, "Conservative for..."

Okay, got it. You're playing to the hometown crowd. But I never cared what political team your on; I only care about what you're gonna do.

So let's start with City Council. A whopping four seats are up for grabs. I can only name two candidates: Steve Massengill and Jim Gerlt.

I know Steve is a good guy, but I can't tell you what either candidate stands for. I'm pretty certain they're running against each other. It's kind of scary that four seats are up for grabs and a guy like me who's pretty on top of things can't name many of them.

Next up is the race for mayor. I think this one is going to come down to Dan Pope and Todd Klein. I can't tell you a single thing either stands for. I just remember Klein doing a jerky thing or two when he was on the City Council.

Then there's the laughable contest for District 19 Congressman. This race reminds me of high school.

Remember back in the day when someone would run for class president and they'd PROMISE that they'd get more Coke and snack machines in the cafeteria, and you voted for them, but those things never showed up? Both these candidates have made ridiculous promises about stuff they're going to have zero say in. I'm sure ISIS is quaking in its boots because a politician from West Texas is heading to Washington. This race is pure clown shoes and everybody knows it.

So, this is what's it's down to. Candidates that are more full of crap than full of ideas. Meaningless slogans, party lines and faceless candidates running for reasons unknown to the average voter.

I'm not the only one that thinks these races are blah. A quick look at the major two television websites showed NO stories about the election. The online paper had only a small blurb that voting was today.

I will suck it up and cast a ballot today. I don't know how, but I'm voting "none of the above."

Note: My apologies, the District 19 Election is later. Why, I do not know.

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