I used to LIVE at the community swimming pool and it all started with basic swimming lessons.

I guess I should say that this blog was inspired by a drowning death I ready about that may not even have been preventable, but swimming is a pretty essential life skill. Swimming lessons can be the highlight of your kids summer, while you are actually teaching them an incredible safety lesson.

Your child will be invited to pools, lakes and with any luck, the ocean someday and swimming lessons may save their life or at least allow them to participate in water activities. There are swimming lessons available at many area gyms and a few other places but don't forget the City Of Lubbock offers lessons too.

According to the Parks & Rec guide, you have one more chance to get your kids registered. There are lessons July 9th through 19th with morning sessions from 11:00 to 11:45 and evenings from 6:00 to 6:45.  Questions can be called in at 775-2673. Classes run $60 for eight sessions (a pretty sweet deal to go swimming eight times too).


It's easy to forget to teach your kids to swim in a dusty West Texas town, but someday they'll need or at least enjoy this incredible life skill.

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