United Supermarkets took Teacher Appreciation day on the road this traveling around town to elementary schools across Lubbock to pass out cookie trays as a small token of gratitude for Lubbock teachers that in a lot of ways are shaping our fine city.

The United Family noted in a press release, "This past year has thrown unprecedented challenges at almost every profession, but none more so than that of teachers. United Supermarkets hopes these cookies will serve as a small treat and reminder about how much this community cares about its educators."

"Unprecedented challenges" might be an understatement for Teachers over the past year. Sure, we all had to make changes and adjustments to work around mandates from the city and state, but teachers had to learn on the fly while adjusting years of training to fit an online system that was being introduced while they taught what they had already planned for the classroom. That was just the first month.

This entire year has been a back and forth ride for teachers across the city as they try their best with the resources given to them. I certainly have a soft spot for teachers having come from a family of educators, which allows me to see the incredible hard work that's often a thankless duty.

I know it's just a plate of cookies to some, but a kind word and appreciation go a long way in a teacher's life.

“First of all, I want the teachers in the community to know how much United Supermarkets cares about them and the work they do on a daily basis,” said Sidney Hopper, president for the United Family. “We hope these cookies will be a small reminder of that appreciation. We look forward to continuing our strong support of education in our community.”

I'd like to echo that sentiment of appreciation to Lubbock's teachers, though I don't have cookies to give to nearly every elementary teacher in Lubbock.

The next time you see a teacher out in the wild, whether they are your kid's teacher or not, tell them thanks. You don't know any teachers? Reach out to a teacher you had as a kid. Don't remember any? Go to a school and scream, "I appreciate you." at the top of your lungs.

I don't actually recommend that last thing, but it'd be hilarious to see.

To all my teacher friends, my dad and sister, and the rest of Lubbock's current educators, thank you for all that you do!

To Mrs. Terry, thanks for getting me hooked on Phonics. To Mrs. Hoffman and Mrs. Crumpler, I still know my alphabet and most colors because of you. Mrs. Shelton, thanks for taking over my first-grade class and being our sub for what seemed like the entire year.

To Mrs. James, I still remember that Viking ship. To Mrs. Parsley and Mrs. Davis, thank you for putting up with me during that awkward phase I never left. Mrs. Anderson, I'll never forget being Santa Anna, nor will I forget the Alamo. To Mrs. Hill, thank you for making science fun.

To my mom, thanks for teaching me long division at school and about life at home.

Those are just the teachers I had in Elementary, I could write thousands of words of gratitude for teachers I've had since, but only because I don't have delicious cookie trays.

United Supermarkets Delivers Cookies for Teacher Appreciation Day

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