These chicken sandwich games are getting serious.

There have been some whispers online about a chicken shortage sweeping the United States due in part to a year of promoting new chicken sandwiches and takeout wings from places like Wingstop, Buffalo Wild Wings and KFC.

I wasn't 100 percent sure how valid the concern actually was. There are a few articles creating a bit of fuss about it, but it wasn't until I saw this picture at a Whataburger in San Antonio that I started to worry.

We cannot run out of chicken at Whataburger. Some of us simply won't make it.

You guys can take your KFC and all the other chicken sandwiches and shove 'em. The only one that really matters is the BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich from Whataburger. The end. Game over.

It's the chicken sandwich to end all chicken sandwiches. Losing it would be catastrophic. It's clear by the sheer number of Twitter freakouts (see below) that this is a big problem.

Guys. I read these tweets, and then I immediately headed over to the Whataburger website and there's literally NO CHICKEN on the menu at all. Dude. Whatttttt?

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A co-worker went over to check out a Lubbock Whataburger to see for themselves if the chicken shortage had worked its way here yet. They were able to order a grilled chicken sandwich, but were told that chicken bites were not available.


Chicken prices are on a steep incline according to the Wall Street Journal, so it's possible that we'll see a lot more of our favorite places running out of chicken. Good thing there are a ton of different other things to choose from at grocery stores and restaurants.

Running out of chicken could even be a good thing if you look at it from the right angle. Maybe you try a salad tomorrow instead of a chicken sandwich? I don't know. It's a stretch. Or maybe the entire world is going to have a nervous breakdown over a chicken shortage. Whatever the case, I'm hungry. Who wants chicken? Oh...wait.

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