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When I was traveling a few months ago, one of my connecting flights was out of Dallas Love Field. I noticed a shop that had partnered with Amazon called Hudson Nonstop. Now, if you fly a lot you are probably familiar with the Hudson name. The stores are everywhere in airports across the country. It's where you can get snacks, drinks, books, newspapers, and even gifts.

This shop, Hudson Nonstop was different though. It was a cashier-less convenience store that was powered by Amazon. They still had to have employees in order to stock the store and if anything went wrong, but you never interacted with anyone. Instead you grab what you wanted, scan the items, then scan your amazon app that was tied to a debit or credit card and you were done.

Now, it's changing again. Say goodbye to paying with your phone and hello to paying with your palm. According to the Dallas Morning News, the new technology called Amazon One means you won't have to take out your phone or anything at this particular store.

The palm prints are tied to Amazon account and payment information, letting customers walk into the store, grab items and walk out without ever having to take out a cellphone or credit card. Customers still have the option of scanning credit cards if they aren’t signed up or aren’t comfortable with handing over biometric information to the tech conglomerate.

Hudson is using Dallas Love Field as a test for the Amazon "Just Walk Out" technology. The second Hudson store to use the technology will be at Chicago Midway. Those flying out of Love Field this holiday season can sign up outside the store by scanning your palm, entering your cell phone number, and swiping a credit card. After that, all you have to do to pay is hover your palm over the palm reader.

So is this the future of stores inside and outside of airports? Time will tell but for some, they won't want their palm prints stored anywhere. Meanwhile others will love how quick the process is.

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