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We all know that self-checkout lanes and contactless payment systems are growing and soon will be everywhere. Now Amazon is bringing technology to it's Whole Foods locations in Dallas-Fort Worth that takes contactless payments to the next level.

The technology is called Amazon One and it works by allowing customers to swipe the palm of their hand over a sensor when the customer is checking out. The technology can be used if someone is using self-checkout or being checkout by an employee.

Amazon isn't the only company looking at improving the and pay and go system. According to the Dallas Morning News, Walmart and Sam's Club is looking at newer technology and so is HEB. So how does the Amazon technology actually work? According to the Dallas Morning News, Amazon links a debit or credit card to a scan of your palms.

  • Customers enroll their palm, or both palms, with the Amazon One service and link a credit or debit card. That’s done at a store kiosk. Amazon says it takes less than a minute.
  • Items are still manually scanned by a cashier, or by the customer at self-checkouts, but there’s no need to dig out cash or a card.
  • To pay, hold your palm above the device for about a second and the transaction is finished.

Improving the grocery checkout experience has been a longtime industry goal. Self-checkout technology has improved in recent years, and retailers continue to tweak it. Sam’s Club’s Scan & Go app is widely used by consumers, and some of the technology was developed at Walmart and Sam’s Club tech hubs in Dallas.

So will the technology make it's way to Lubbock? Probably so, but I think I'll just stick with Apple Pay, cash, and debit cards.

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