Gin has a long and fascinating history, originating as a "medicine" concocted by alchemists and monks alike. Like modern ones, their gins used proprietary blends of botanicals such as spices, herbs, flowers, fruits, and always the juniper berry.

Perhaps these monks and magicians were on to something, as juniper berries are packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, and have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. They may even lower your cholesterol. Cheers to that!

Even though gin is a very European spirit, the unique terroir of Texas makes for delicious gins, made from Texas-grown grains and/ or botanicals that basked in the Texas sun, like rosemary, lemon balm, and more.


Gin is my most preferred spirit, one that I lovingly refer to as "perfume you can drink." Every sip is an escape, every new bottle an adventure.

Here is a selection of some of the very best Texas gins, that hilight and celebrate the flavors of Texas.

Botanical & Bright: A Look At The Best Gin Brands In Texas

Looking to fill out your Texas liquor cabinet with beautiful, botanical Texas-made gins? This list of the best Texas-made gins is perfect for elevated cocktails or, how I like my gin, simply poured over one giant ice cube.

Gallery Credit: Renee Raven

Clean & Crisp: A Look At The Best Texas Made Vodkas

Looking for drinkable, delicious vodkas made right here in Texas? Here is a variety of vodkas- from flavored to clean, pure originals, made from everything from raisins to blue agave.

Gallery Credit: Renee Raven

Rich & Smooth: A Look At Texas Best Whiskey Brands

Although the "tradition" of Texas whiskey distillation doesn't go very deep into the past (at least legally) we still have an array of impressive and delicious micro-distilleries that are creating uniquely delicious Texas spirits.

Gallery Credit: Renee Raven

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