I went by a Supermarket this past Sunday morning and was surprised to see pull down curtains covering the beer.  Seriously.  Allowing in-town alcohol sales in Lubbock PROVED that easier access not only did not lead to increased drinking, it resulted in less accidents.  More after the jump.

You can buy beer in Texas Monday through Saturday 7am-1am and Sundays 12N to Midnight.  So why 7 a.m.?  Why is that better than 6 a.m.?  More overnight workers get off at 6 a.m., so why can't it be a bit more handy for them.  And what about Sundays?  Of course they don't allow sales until after noon in deference to the church crowd, but why?  Why do people who go to church before noon on Sundays deserve to tell us what to do?  What if I prefer Sunday night church or no church at all?  These rules on when it's allowable to sell alcohol are based on ignorance, intolerance and misinformation.  We need to grow up.  I work until 1 a.m. on some Fridays and Saturdays, why do I have to take a break to go and buy beer?  The world is open 24/7. People don't just work 8-5. Some people have no use for church or church people.  It's time to grow up and quit pretending that we're somehow slightly more moral because we only see booze during certain hours.

The late Sam Kinnison was in Lubbock once after the strip closed.  He then did something completely logical to him, he called for a limo with a fully stocked bar.  He took the bar and sent the limo on it's way.  People will find a way to drink if they want to. By making it inconvenient you only create criminals out of people who would not otherwise break the law (and that includes patrons and owners of shady after hours clubs and bootlegging joints).

Let's grow up and pretend the world has an "Open 24hrs" sign on it.