Recreational pot is now legal in California. By being on the wrong side of prohibition, we're going to lose for many years to come.

Marijuana Cultivation Center In Nevada Ramps Up Production As State Legalizes Recreation Use Of Weed
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Pot would be the perfect crop for Texas. We could have fields as far as the eye could see and our climate would help more than hinder its growth. By allowing California to step out in front in the race for legal weed, they'll be able to basically build the infrastructure of growing, cultivating and merchandising from the ground up. They will ultimately dictate how weed sales go going forward.

Playing catch up only works to a degree. Have you ever noticed that despite how many casinos open up that Vegas is still VEGAS?  That's the benefit of building something, investing in it and getting an insurmountable lead on the competition.

Unfortunately, our politicians in Texas rely on the vote from the church folk, most of which still think that telling people to "just say no" is going to work, even though it hasn't worked for booze, premarital sex or any number of other things.  Texas will most likely end up completely surrounded by legal weed sales before anyone admits that we're upside down on this thing.


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