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I feel I should first disclose that I, too, have been the victim of a peeping tom.

I was home alone, it was nighttime, I got undressed and crawled into bed. Then, I saw the beam of a flashlight in my backyard. I tried to cover myself with a blanket as best I could, but as I approached the window, I saw a man's face right up next to the glass. He wanted me to see him; he wanted me to know that he had seen me.

I called the cops, but of course he was long before they got there. The experience left me shaken, afraid, insecure and unable to sleep in my own home for a week. And I was an adult nearing my mid-20s. I can't imagine how I would have felt as a 10-year-old little girl, having my privacy and my safety shattered. To be taught so early how disgusting and awful people can be. But that's exactly what happened to a poor little girl in Houston, Texas this week.

If this seems like I'm making much ado about nothing, perhaps this detail will change your mind. Not only was this man peeping on a 10-year-old girl, but he was actually "gratifying himself." Like my Peeping Tom, I'm sure he wanted the little girl to know exactly what he was doing. It's likely the reason he risked getting caught when the girl screamed. From KPRC-TV:

"She looks over at the window and this guy is at her window," the girl’s mother, who preferred not to be identified, told KPRC-TV, about what her daughter experienced. "He took my daughter’s innocence away."

Upon hearing the girl scream, the mother held the man at gunpoint and ordered him to lay on the ground until police arrived. However, the man chose to run off to a nearby gas station. The couple caught up to the man, and while the father went into the gas station to call 911, the suspect attempted to wrestle the gun from the woman. That's when the father, who also had a gun, shot the suspect three times. The mother said this to KPRC-TV about the incident:

"We didn’t want this guy to get shot. We were waiting for police to detain him because I’m pretty sure if he did this to my children, he’s doing it to a lot of other children out here. We are praying for the suspect and we are also praying for his family."

That woman has a lot of poise and grace. I believe my quote would have had many more expletives throughout. Here's hoping that disgusting man goes far away from children for a very long time.

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