Texas Tech football has confirmed that there were positive tests last week.

Texas Tech athletics has now completed 7,975 tests for COVID-19 among its student-athletes, coaches, and staff with 183 total positive cases among student-athletes for all sports.

There are 11 active cases across all athletics.

The football program had six positive tests on November 11th, and one more positive test on November 13th. There's also an active case on the staff. There have been 81 recoveries among the student-athletes and five recoveries among the football staff.

The rest of the athletic teams have also recorded four positive tests over the last week out of 173 tests. There are now three active cases among student-athletes and one active case among the staff.

There are, of course, no ways of knowing who on the football team tested positive, but we do know that several players missed the Baylor game after being healthy the week before.

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