Pop Isaacs is a natural born leader. You see it on the floor with his assertiveness both with the ball and without. He's vocal and displays incredible focused while on the floor and while on the bench.

He's also a true freshman.

It's rare in college athletics to have a true freshman be the leader of the team, but in my opinion Pop Isaacs is the alpha wolf of the Texas Tech street dogs this season. As Isaacs goes, Texas Tech basketball will go.

I have all the faith in the world that the trajectory is facing north in that respect.

Of course, that trajectory also depends on Batcho, Obanor, Tyson and Harmon all pulling their weight as well, but against the Jayhawks it felt like Obanor and Isaacs dragging the rest of the roster into a dog fight.

After that tough loss to Kansas at home last night, Isaacs was asked about his personal success in back to back questions. He game a team focused response twice.


Isaacs doubled down on that fighting mentality on twitter the day after the loss.

It's not a secret that Mark Adams is a tough coach. For most, he's probably a tough coach to play for, but Isaacs has had complete buy in and that's paying dividends on the floor. Through two Big 12 contests, Isaacs is scoring 17.5 points per game.

Small sample size no doubt, but if you look at Isaacs' season as a whole so far he's top ten in the conference in three point attempts per game and top five in the conference in three point percentage shooting at a 42% clip. He's top 20 in steals and assists.

He's scored double-digit totals in eight of the 14 games this season and shines when the lights are brightest. He had double digit performances against Louisiana Tech and Creighton. When you needed it all against Nicholls State he dropped 24, and in two conference losses he's got 17 and 18.

Pop Isaacs is a fearless freshman that is going to go down as a Texas Tech legend and he's just getting started.

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