Everybody makes mistakes. A lot of us get drunk or stoned and act like a-holes, too. The difference is, we don't play for Texas Tech Football.


Let's back up here. A Texas Tech player is in a local bar, allegedly knocks one guy out and at the very least pushes another two people around (one woman was reported punched); real one-man-wrecking crew kind of classless behavior.

Yet, even though this (accused) douchebag has multiple fingers pointed at him, it's been days (as of July 25) and no mention of who it was.

I PROMISE if it was you or I, our name would be splashed all over the place. We would be front page, headline news.

Now, some of you amateur lawyers want to say, 'he's just being accused, nothing has been proven.' It doesn't matter. Let me say it again: if it was you or I, we would be all over the media.

This 'getting a pass because you play football' is bullshizzle. Straight up bullshizzle.

Now this fellow made enough of a scene that his name will eventually come out and he'll probably be dismissed from the program, but protecting him because he plays football is wrong. Do better, local media.

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