This is quite remarkable that it's happening here.

When it comes to stopping the spread of disease, diagnosis is everything. If you can get the word out that someone is infected quicker then further infections can be prevented. Think of it on the other side too, if you're out of work waiting on a diagnosis chances are that you or your employer are out some cash as well.

This leads us to a diagnostic tool for COVID-19 that was invented right here in our backyard at Texas Tech Univesity.

Here's how it works according to the press release:

The Ultra-Fast COVID-19 detection sensor is a rapid and portable tool for COVID-19 diagnosis with the ability to sense the presence or absence of the virus SARS-CoV-2 in a saliva sample within seconds. The portability and speed of results makes this sensor a transformational diagnostic tool for rapid initial screening and continuous monitoring of an individual.

Now, read that again if you have to, but it shows whether you are infected or not in seconds. Some of us had to wait a week or more to get a diagnosis. Some who were fast-tracked had results in a half-day. Knowing in seconds is an absolute game-changer.

This tool is credited to the work of Gerardine “Gerri” Botte from the Texas Tech Department of Chemical Engineering.  A German company is now putting about $4 million into development to make the tool a reality.

It's amazing that Texas Tech will be at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. That's REAL Raider Power!


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