Wow! The NCAA did something that all the so called 'experts' said wouldn't happen.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders are headed to Dallas as the No. 3 Seed to meet (my alma mater '82) the Lumberjacks of Stephen F. Austin in the East Regional.

The East Regional is packed with some seriously good teams that includes the No.1 seed (and the No. 2 overall seed) Villanova, Purdue gets the No. 2 seed, Wichita State is the No. 4 seed, and West Virginia claims the No. 5 seed.

Other highly notables in the East Region include the Florida Gators at No. 6, the Razorbacks of Arkansas get the nod as the No. 7 seed, and the Hokies of Virginia Tech received the No. 8 seed.

Personally, I feel like I'm playing with house money as far the Red Raiders/Lumberjacks first-round match-up goes; because, either way, I can't lose!

Here's the entire field of 68 bracket for you.

Good luck to you and your favorite team.




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