There are whispers that Tech might be considering alcohol sales at sports events.

Notice how I said alcohol SALES at sports events. There's plenty of alcohol around the events and in many of the patrons. In fact some "stock up" on the booze in order to be buzzed through the game.

Tech could easily adopt alcohol and serve it in a responsible manner. Sales could be cut off after the half or some other reasonable distance away from the end of the game in order to minimize possible problems. Yes, there will be a few people who overdo it, but for the most part, it will probably just shift the drinking from a heavy "pregame" to a few beers during the game. All in all, my bet is that it will be a wash in terms of incidents and in the meantime money will be made.

We have learned that alcohol sales in town didn't turn us into the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah that the opponents said it would. We learned that kids watching Harry Potter didn't turn our town into witchcraft central. We learned that having stores open on Sundays didn't ruin families. All of these ignorant old prohibitions did nothing but drag us down.  Let's join the modern age and have a beer at the game.


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