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Texas Tech student and TikToker @justinhinsley is making waves across the internet for a video he shared after a recent experience at a Lubbock Braum's. The video has now been viewed close to 300k times and depicts himself being serenaded by an unknown man who happens to be up in the trees nearby. It's rather odd, but hey, so is Lubbock.

Some video commenters are wondering whether or not the man in the tree is Cornelius, a beloved local character who likes to ride around on his bike and sing on different street corners downtown. The video is just too far away to say whether or not it's him, but there is definitely a good chance.

Cornelius is known by most people in Lubbock for a bit of tomfoolery every now and again that makes you smile. Is it him? Look closely. What do you think? Check it out:

I'm not exactly certain what song he is singing, but I will say that it doesn't sound half bad. I'm more interested in how he got up there so high.

At least Justin seems to have a good sense of humor. Sometimes when you see weird stuff around town all you can do is laugh...and grab your phone to snag a video just in case 94.5 FMX happens to come across it on TikTok.

You never know how many more views you could get just by tagging Lubbock in a video and us finding it. (*HINT HINT*)

Take more videos, guys! We're watching you.

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