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All you have to type into Google is "Cornelius" and "Lubbock, TX" to find several articles about a character that most of us recognize from around town.

Cornelius is known for making people smile with his sweet dance moves, his interesting attire, doing stunts on his bike, and, of course, his unwavering support and love for all things Texas Tech.

I asked friends in Lubbock to share some memories they have of Cornelius from over the years, and every single person who replied had something positive to say about this silly guy who you can spot most frequently in downtown Lubbock and on campus. He's truly a local legend.

I remember first meeting Cornelius when I was about 18 years old. He rode his bike past a party at a house in Tech Terrace and stopped to talk to us for a minute. He was incredibly friendly and funny. My older friends around me already knew who he was and welcomed him to come and join in on the fun. Every time I see him out and about, doing his thing, I smile. He's kind of like Lubbock's hype man.

Here are a few fond memories shared by Lubbock residents about Cornelius:

"Man, that dude is always a joy to see not a care in the world living his best life. He has the only bike like his I've ever seen. He used to come to Stripes all the time when I worked there and it was funny. He was short a few cents on a refill so he said, "Lemme go dance, I'll be right back." He came back with a dollar like, "Here you go!" and left. I watched him hop on his bike, drink in hand, and ride away. Dude's a trip but he's a good soul!" - Jeikon Cortez

"Back in the day, he rode around on a bicycle with no seat. Sporting a black sombrero and chaps made out of plush animals." - Lo Guana

"I met Cornelius when I worked at a 7-11. He always has something uplifting and positive to say. And the masks are fabulous." - Felicia Villarreal

"He used to ride this crazy bike that he made himself from two bike frames, one stacked upside down on another, no seat. He would ride all over doing crazy tricks and stuff on it. I believe he also used to attach lawnmowers to the back of the bike to go and mow people's lawns with. I am friends with him on FB. He rarely uses it, but every once and a while he gets hacked and I will get messages trying to buy into some weird MLM scheme." - Ben Terry

"Oh man, that guy always makes my day!" - Sky Roxy

"We made it rain on 'em and his seatless bike one night we left the bar! $$$" - Lukky Rodriguez

"Always by the hop making ppl smile!" - Marichula Rodriguez

"I got hella drunk as always and my cousin made me get off and dance on the corner with homeboy. My cousin left me there so after our little dance-off we made our way to Savage Tavern and continued the shenanigans at the local pub and eatery!" - Sierra K Richardson

"At some point, the dude got nunchucks. That was a good day." - Josh Wilson

"Used to always be stunt riding by all the Texas Tech football games." - Clint Jaks

"He’s so awesome!!!! He use to hang out at Lubbock high and chill with all the kids!" - Claire Johnson

"I've got a Cornelius t-shirt!" - Ryan Mccartor

Share your favorite memories of Cornelius on our Facebook page. Let's show him some love and appreciation for simply being himself. Lubbock loves you, Cornelius!

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