I don't think we spend enough time congratulating our scholars. Texas Tech is an amazing school with programs that go toe-to-toe with much larger universities in much 'fancier' towns. But the talent, creativity, productivity, and intellect of my fellow Tech students continues to blow me away.

Stephanie Kuzmack did much more than just get a scholarship, not that it's an easy thing to do regardless of what you apply for. She earned the Harry S. Truman Scholarship:

[A] premier graduate fellowship in the United States for those pursuing careers as public service leaders. A federally funded scholarship granted to U.S. undergraduate students for demonstrated leadership potential, academic excellence and a commitment to public service, the Truman Scholarship is the most highly competitive American fellowship to support graduate education and leadership development 

Stephanie is a hometown girl, too...well, hometown adjacent. She's from Espanola, New Mexico, which is north of Albuquerque. She's a Sociology major who has interned in the office of U.S. Representative Al Green.

This girl is going places, and we should all congratulate her and feel pride for her. Way to go, Stephanie.

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