Texas Tech’s beloved mascot, Raider Red, has been making some hilarious videos on TikTok.

His first post was made in October of 2019, dancing along to ‘Spooky, Scary Skeletons”. Since then, he has continued to make dancing content, as well as interacting with students and various programs all around campus.

As a Texas Tech alumna, it is always fun to see anything about Tech on my ‘for you page’, but I especially like seeing Raider Red. He always brings so much joy when you see him around campus, so for those of us that aren’t on campus anymore, it's great to see his positive energy online.

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In case you haven’t seen his videos yet, I figured I would share some of my favorites.

He recently challenged some students to the popular ‘Smeeze’ challenge. This is also one of his most popular videos with over 270,000 views and 42,000 likes.

Another one shows him and Texas Tech’s other mascot, the Masked Rider, taking mascot photos around the Tech campus. In true Red Raider fashion, he is very up-to-date with TikTok trends, so this one follows the 3d zoom photo challenge.

Probably my all-time favorite one TikTok Raider Red has posted is from just last month. He posted a clip of him on one of those inflatables with the arm that swings around that you have to dodge. I love how he always gets involved with students around campus, but I also find it funny seeing him get flipped over on this inflatable.

Next time you see him around campus you should absolutely ask if he will make a TikTok with you. It would be so much fun and be a great memory to have from your time on campus.

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