Has it really been that long since I searched for information on Texas Tech?

Once again, this is MY YouTube and something I typed in along the way no doubt influenced this autofill:


In case you're new around here, yes, that says, "Texas Tech soft taco shells." I now remember the incident completely. This was all due to an announcer stumbling over words during a Texas Tech/Arizona game. As a matter of fact, I found the story online written by -- wait for it -- Wes Nessman. Yuppers, I wrote the story up initially. It was just too awkward for me to let it pass by. Who calls tortillas "soft taco shells"?

I have more questions now than I did back then. First off, is there any other name at all for 'tortilla' other than tortilla? I guess you might really push it if you made it out of some weird ingredients and called it a "wrap," but you'd be an extreme weirdo for doing so.  The other question is, why would you call something that is flat, round and mostly floppy a "shell"?  Wouldn't calling it a "burrito cover" be more on brand? There's just no part of this that makes sense.

I have been on both sides of the Texas Tech tortilla tossing controversy. I have thought it was a bit disrespectful to everyone and a bit of a jerk move, and I've been on the side that it's harmless fun and those tortillas are biodegradable and will feed the birds and rats when they're swept up and taken to the landfill. Now, I'm on the third side of that coin, which is, I don't see myself going to a Texas Tech game so I'll just let you guys handle your own business any way you want.

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