Tumbleweeds are just part of life around this area and usually don't cause too many problems. I'd never given it much thought about them being intentionally dangerous, except of course when you are trying to veer away from them in traffic. The recent build-up in Wolforth, however, gives cause for some major concern.

Wolfforth was completely overrun with them after experiencing some super-high winds earlier this week. The city posted a warning about the mass influx of tumbleweeds on their Facebook page:

"Yesterday (January 2, 2023), the high winds we experienced resulted in an "invasion" of tumbleweeds in Wolfforth. At this time, we're not completely sure of the extent around town, but we know the American Park Subdivision has been greatly affected. Some alleys are completely blocked because of the tumbleweed accumulation.

City crews are working diligently to remove the tumbleweeds and reopen alleys so garbage service can resume. Tumbleweeds are blowing in on us as we work, making it extremely difficult. Once we get the alleys passable, we will move to the streets and do what we can to help. We are asking you to help us help you. If you are able, we need you to move the tumbleweeds away from your house so we can come through and shred them. If you're unable to move them away from your house, please let us know. However, don't pile the tumbleweeds where they block a street or alley.

A word of caution: tumbleweeds are extremely dry and flammable. DO NOT get any kind of a flame, match, lighter, torch, burner, spark, or anything that could start a fire near the piled up weeds, as this could result in a catastrophic fire. And do not try to drive your vehicle over piled up tumbleweeds either; your catalytic converter could start a fire.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as our City crews work to clear the tumbleweeds."

I've never seen anything quite like it. The city is definitely doing a great job of warning people about the danger and removing them as fast as they can before something catches on fire. The simple flick of a cigarette could cause major destruction.

If you were affected by this recent tumbleweed infestation, please make sure you don't ignore them before it's too late. Gather them up and help the city get rid of them if you are able!

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