A Texas woman was recently photographed by her neighbor after dangling her own four-month-old baby from a window. Allegedly, Greondria Whitfield, of Houston, Texas, had been in an argument with others inside the apartment, had brandished and threatened them with a gun, and then endangered her child by dangling the baby outside her third-floor apartment window. A third story is typically between 33 and 40 feet in the air.

Upon further investigation, deputies learned that there had been a verbal altercation involving Whitfield, where she was seen threatening to shoot multiple people while holding a loaded firearm, officials said.

Whitfield was arrested and has since been charged with Child Endangerment and Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon (for brandishing and threatening others with the gun). Her bond is set at $40,000.

A neighbor and friend, Courtney Alexander, spoke to reporters in Whitfield's defense, claiming that the stunt was just part of a relationship argument and that Whitfield would not harm her own baby.

Child Protective Services also responded to the incident and released the infant to another guardian on the scene. Whitfield's girlfriend is apparently leaving the state:

A woman who answered the door to the couple’s apartment said she didn’t see the argument but came over to help Whitfield’s girlfriend pack her belongings. She said the woman went back to Atlanta.

Photo by Ricardo Utsumi on Unsplash
Photo by Ricardo Utsumi on Unsplash

Merely attention-seeking or not, it is clear that she put her child in extreme danger, which shows an inherent disregard for the infant. Threatening others with a gun is not only a felony, but it's also extremely dangerous and incredibly abusive. I sincerely hope the other people involved get the help they need after such a traumatic incident.

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