Everyone should know better than to act a fool on an airplane thousands of feet in the air, but the Karens of Texas seem to think they're above everyone and everything, mask mandates being their favorite thing to yelp about in modern times.

Debby Dutton, a 50-year-old woman from Cypress, Texas, decided that it would be okay to batter a flight attendant that asked her husband to please pull his mask up over his face. She was very wrong, and is now facing up to 20 years if convicted of the crime after her recent appearance in court in Houston.

According to a recent article published by USA Today, Debbie could be paying with years of her life for her reaction to a flight attendant who was simply doing their job. Debbie's husband had fallen asleep on a United Airlines flight to San Francisco from Alaska when his mask slipped down below his nose. A flight attendant tapped him on the shoulder and asked that he put his mask back on to follow in-flight mask mandates, which sent Debbie into a complete fury, resulting in her allegedly pushing the airline employee with violence and leaving bruises.

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If we think for instance just how many bad things could happen on a flight and just how many people could be in danger during an altercation, it's no wonder that Debbie is in hot water. Not only is it scary and confusing for other passengers that may not know what is going on, but it's also never okay to act like an asshole with that many lives hanging in the balance.

Twenty years in prison may sound like a bit overkill, and I'd speculate that it's likely she will not serve any length of time like this. This incident is a good reminder who's in charge when you get on a plane. It's not you. Your job is to simply follow instructions, or choose not to fly at all. The end.

There is no excuse for this kind of behavior or any of the entitled crap that we have seen time and time again in the news. Quit being a baby and get over it. If you can't follow the basic rules like your mother taught you, like..."keep your hands to yourself," then stay the hell away from other people and off of the airplane.

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