The first part of this is pretty simple. Thank you for making FMX the number one rock station in West Texas, and thank you for making the RockShow your choice as well.

Words fail me as to the devotion that FMX listeners have heaped on us over the years. Here we are, 38 years after our launch, and we're still rockin'. That kind of success is due to you, not us. You guys and gals are just amazing, and we'll keep working hard to be there for you.

Also, welcome back to some of our former listeners. We understand that there's one less rock radio station for you guys in town now, and that sucks. We also lost some of our favorite radio stations when we were younger.

All I can say is, give us another chance. We'll do our best to rock you. If you switched due to a love of hair metal, then please check out Dee Snider Saturday mornings from 6-9 a.m. The House of Hair will rock your world and fill you up with enough hairspray and guitar solos to get you through the week.

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