Let's get into some good old-fashioned Lubbock stereotypes, shall we?

There are certain types of people you meet when you come to the Hub City. Consider this a 'Field Guide to Humans In Lubbock.'

Sure, there's more than these seven groups. There's also a few people who don't belong to any of these groups. But there's NO DENYING that you will recognize these groups.

  • 1

    The Cowboy

    The Cowboy is becoming rarer and rarer. There just aren't many practical reasons to play dress up anymore. Yes, there are a few authentic cowboys out there that work on ranches or farms. But for the most part, it is/was a fashion thing.

    The Cowboy is easy to spot with his big hat, boots, oversize belt buckle, snap-button Western shirt and blue jeans with (or without) a dip can crease in the back pocket.

    Cowboys can also be identified by their vocabulary, which consists of "y'all," "nope," "yep," "fixin' to" and "yonder."

    Also, Cowboys are not to be mixed up with Farmers. Farmers are just like cowboys, but they generally have a ball cap with a seed company, gin or tractor name on it. Sadly, there are not enough farmers left to have their own spot on this list.

  • 2

    The Greek

    This is one of the most prevalent of specimens in Lubbock. The Greeks are incredibly easy to spot in the male variety. The usually start with some type of ball cap leading into an untucked dress shirt (quit often pink for some reason). The look is almost always completed with cargo pants (usually white) and flip-flops.

    The Greeks generally grow up to become Baptists, while the ones that move become Yankees (see no. 6 on this list). At least one Greek will drive a car into a house in Lubbock yearly. It's like a sacrifice or something.

    Female Greeks are a little harder to spot, but generally sport a t-shirt advertising some type of sorority event. Many have already begun transitioning into the Baptist mom haircut discussed in number 4.

  • 3

    The Rocker

    Now here's my tribe. There are some slight variations and they can be boiled down to two types. There's the old rocker and the younger rocker.

    The old rockers sport concert tees, but the younger rockers sport ONLY BLACK concert tees. We also aren't very big on hats. A lot of us prefer combat boots or Doc Martens. The older female rockers like a little tie-dye now and then, the younger female rockers once again sport ONLY BLACK concert tees.

    Preteen and teen rockers can generally be found somewhere in the area of Hot Topic, buying ONLY BLACK shirts for the bands they like because they're not old enough for their moms to let them go to the actual concerts.

  • 4

    The Baptists

    Here's the majority of Lubbock right here. There pretty easy to spot, too.

    First, look for some type of SUV that has a sticker for each member of their family on it. The guys prefer polo/golf shirts with slacks during the week and cargo shorts on the weekend. The females usually have a short bob haircut and wear so much jewelry that it looks like they just stole it from a pirate's treasure chest.

    The Baptists are the nicest group in Lubbock...as long as you go to their church. If you go to some other type of church or no church at all, then you're a heathen and are no longer invited to their barbecue no matter how good your potato salad is.

  • 5

    The Texas Country Kids

    This strange group is a mix of the Cowboys, Baptists and Greeks.

    The females are the easiest to spot. Most wear a weird combination of cowboy boots with shorts or skirts. It is truly an odd sight because they wear as little clothes as possible, then hot-ass boots. It's the equivalent of wearing a tank top with snow pants or something.

    Texas Country Kids tend to appear only when there is a concert or dance somewhere around. They then scurry back to their respective groups during the light of day.

  • 6

    The Yankee

    Known for his trademark sports coat, the Yankee has not yet learned to properly deal with the West Texas heat. They want to look sharp and good to go, but don't realize they're going to 'pit-out' their shirts and possibly die from heat exhaustion. The younger ones will wear some type of non-athletic sneaker, while the older ones wear loafers.

    I would make more fun of Yankees, but more often than not they are bosses that were transferred into town to 'teach the Texans how things are done.'

  • 7

    The Sports Fan

    It's easy to identify these folks by their hat markings. In Lubbock, you will generally get one of three sports teams: The Dallas Cowboys, Texas Tech or UT.

    The hat is more often than not complimented by a jersey, usually that of a player that was on the team back in the good old days when they used to win (i.e. Troy Aikman or something).

    This group is noted for hanging out in wing places and for throwing darts in their garages while listening to games that have no consequence in any league play.


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