Who's ready to do 2022 up right for Betty?

On what would have been Betty White's 100 birthday, everyone is encouraged to donate $5 to the animal shelter of their choice.  White was very big on her love for animal charities and this could be a huge chance for us to make a difference.

If you have a bit more than $5 to give, then go ahead and do $40 for the four Golden Girls or $100 for Betty's 100th Birthday. No matter what though, we're not going to forget the power of that $5 donation if a lot of people do it.  I'm also sure that you don't have to wait until January 17th to get your donation in.

We can seriously impact the lives of a lot of pets if we embrace this challenge not just this year but every year. This kind of funding can not only help feed and shelter these animals but also make them more adoptable, pay for spay/neuters or just give the animals a little treat every now and then.  If you need some ideas of places to donate to, some local rescues that could use your help include the following:

*Dusty Puddles Dachsund Rescue

*The Haven Animal Care Shelter

*Lubbock Animal Services

*Morris Safe House

*The Humane Society Of West Texas

*4Legged Friends Rescue

*Saving Grave Pit Bull Rescue

*Waggin Tails Animal Sanctuary

I'm sure there are some other very deserving rescues out there. If you'll hit me up with the name and donation link, I'll try to add it to the list. You can email me here.

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