You might as well have double bacon for breakfast because the world is supposed to end today.

Earth From One Million Miles
Getty Images

Once again some "Biblical Scholar/Numerologists" are saying that today is the day the world is supposed to end.

So what can you expect for the end of the world? Well, some say a hidden planet will crash into the earth killing everything on it, while some say it will be the second coming of Christ.

Another famous Christian Numerologist is calling all of this hooey, which should make you feel better, that is until.....that's right, what he calls the real end of the world in May or December. Yes, you can expect this kind of nonsense to repeat over and over and over during your lifetime.

The Bible itself says that no one knows the day the earth will end, and I find it odd that Christians themselves are trying to second guess that day.

Anyways, if you see people flying up into the sky, it's either the rapture or the earth was hit hard enough to knock them off. I just thought you should know.


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